Stephen M. Murphy

EMAIL: [email protected]
CELL: (416) 707-6563
BROKERAGE: (416) 849-5360
FAX: (416) 849-8987

With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry and commercial real estate, Stephen M. Murphy has owned over 25 independent restaurants, building sales from scratch and further profiting from the sale of these businesses. Moving on to become President of a successful Restaurant Management Company, he was entrusted for his consulting & restaurant management services, and continues to act as a real estate consultant for Landlords & Trustees to this day.

15 Years ago, Stephen identified a gap in the commercial real estate field relating to the particular needs of restaurateurs; restaurant sales were being conducted by the same agents whose primary focus was residential real estate. It just didn’t make sense! Stephen emerged as a pioneer and leader in Hospitality Real Estate in Canada, and maintains his reputation as a top producer as he mentors a new generation of hospitality-specific Realtors. In the birth of OMG Real Estate, Stephen’s next challenge is to focus on Commercial & Investment Real Estate, while participating in the negotiation of sales and leases with his team.

From his first sale – Susur Lee’s famed “Lotus” Restaurant, Stephen’s focus and advice have continued to drive success in restaurant sales for his clients and their families. By establishing long term relationships resulting in growth and prosperity, Stephen currently represents a number of national franchise groups as well as independent boutique hotspots. His experience, affiliations and insight continue to steer business owners to locations that will encourage their future success. Stephen can be called on to offer expertise in location procurement, sale & lease negotiations, franchising, investment purchases or simply to offer good advice and common sense in an already challenging industry. In recent years Stephen has built up an extensive Real Estate Investor portfolio and he welcomes your Commercial and Investment Real Estate inquiries.